Blasty Bubs - Brick Breaker

QuickByte Games



Brick breaker meets pinball. The angle and gravity are the key.Aim the balls carefully in this new brick breaker game to destroy the blocks!Combine powerups for maximum destruction!Challenge yourself and your friends in a crazy chaotic innovative brick breaker.Calculate your shots' angle to beat your scoreBlasty Bubs FeaturesOriginal brick breaker mechanic* Play Down-Top with an awesome gravity effect!* Use the bumpers to give your ball a second chance!Use powerups to maximize the blast!* Multiply your bubs with the Splitter!* Pass through bricks with the Ghost!* Destroy the shields with the Explosive!* Combine all 3 powerups for maximum effectDestroy the blocks* Aim and fire your bubs to blast everything* Destroy the blocks and make combos to score more pointsDifferent block abilities and properties* Can move and disappear!* Time your shots perfectly!* Blocks are even armed with powerful shields and armors for you to destroy* Different styles* Different shapes (square, circle, triangles)Meet the Bubs family in this innovative Pinball game!* Unlock new unique balls!* Special specs, stats, and properties on every ball!* Every bub has special specs, stats, and properties!Challenge yourself and your friends* Can you beat your score?Try new balls and angle strategies to improve your score* Will you score higher than your friends?Share your highscores and replays on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even via SMS!)BBTAN meets Peggle in Blasty Bubs! Simply a pinball breaker!