All Skin Diseases and Treatment

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All Skin Diseases and Treatment app is a skin care android application that lists all skin diseases from a to z,their causes,infections, treatment, prevention and symptoms. It also features skin diseases dictionary tips. Skin disease Research shows, some of the skin infections can be avoided at early stages before becoming adamant to cure.NB: Clinical doctor consultation test is best to aids skin disease prevention.Also features best ways to diagnosis a skin disease easily.Features ♦ All skin diseases and treatment from - A to Z ♦ All Skin diseases diagnosis with photo ♦ Natural Skin disease Remedies ♦ Offline clinical medical dictionary for skin diseases ♦ Skin care and remedy tips ♦ Prevention / treatment / symptoms and their causesCauses Skin diseases can be caused by bacteria, virus, fungal etc, All Skin Diseases and Treatment with photo is best app for skin care tips offline. Can be used by either by men or womenNB:Visit a medical skin therapy advisor once you have realised you have been having a certain skin disease or disorder.Some diseases can be naturally cured, e.g, acne and pimple. You can use an acne remover or cleanser for that work. Other diseases e.g, cancer, you need a scanner once symptoms show. This diseases can cause mental disorder e.g, vitiligo or skin cancer. Disclaimer:All Skin Diseases and Treatment app is an android app that provides info about skin care, prevention measures, causes, treatment,symptoms , :- print, etc. It is hiv not at all a finger prank appDownload All Skin Diseases and Treatment from -A to z for free on the store

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