Adventure VR Games & Puzzles: Spellfish

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Award Winner for “Best VR Puzzle"Let's deep-dive into a few of the interconnected adventure of Spellfish.4.5 / 5 Oculus Store4.5 / 5 VR Bank5 / 5 WEARVR9 / 10 AVR 17Faraway in the Golden Star Galaxy once lived a happy Kingdom of Caroba ruled by King Bubbles and Queen Barbara who had a newborn child Prince Flushy.From the shadows of the Golden Star once came a witch-king Norman who wanted to enslave Caroba and take over the magical golden stars. To defeat Caroba Norman turned prince Flushy into a fish, and sent him to the deepest place in the world, where he could never find the way back home.His monstrous forces reclaimed Caroba, invaded their land and they are now ready to take on the rest of the world with mayhem.There was one last hope... Trinity, the explosive fairy who could find Flushy and guide him back home to save the kingdom.Trinity never gave up and searched Flushy for 30 years until now…Join the resistance in Carouba to take down the evil witch king Norman.Collect golden stars to unlock 30 worlds, 3 chapters and 3 bossesCollect 100 coins to get a extra lifeExclusively designed for Daydream VRComfortable VR ExperienceUse the controller touchpad to move the camera and shoot from the main buttonVR Arcade Adventure with hundreds of hours of gameplayAll the income will be used to make the game better. Thanks for your support!

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