Ragdoll Cannon Blast

Smooth Zenith Design



Complete missions, smash and kill ragdolls and destroy enemy defenses with your blaster! Lots of action and fun guaranteed!★ NEW - FREE ROAM! Take control of one of the ragdolls and play as a dummy zombie! Jump and run and do whatever you want! ★Armed with massive cannon your task is to take down enemies and collapse their fortifications with no survivors! Since you are the last zombie hunter it's up to you to start the battle and fight the invasion. Luckily you have artillery at your hands so you can defend against these undead hordes. You can select zombie police, clown or scientist as your cannon ball. Enjoy bloody zombie shooting and crush everything that stands on your way!Blow up and smash cars, street lamps, fences, air planes… the city is your ragdoll sandbox!During your missions you face different massive structures occupied with living dead. Find their weak spots or any strategically placed bomb to take your aim at so you can inflict maximum damage. Crush huge fortifications catapult style with a single hit and witness the defenders fall to the ground and get smashed by cars, barrels, boxes… or execute the zombies one by one with sniper style headshots. Some enemies are hiding behind things, some are running at turbo speed so take advantage of the environment. Blast the zombie ragdoll away to see the whole thing collapse and explosions throwing stuff everywhere. Knock the cars out of their lanes to make them crash with obstacles and spread torture and mayhem across the war zone!ZOMBIE HUNTING AND RAGDOLL DISMOUNTINGEasy to play:1. Hold and move the joystick to aim2. Release to fire3. Enjoy TOTAL destructionRagdoll Cannon Blast is the ultimate zombie shooter destruction game featuring:- Total destruction 3D urban chaos simulation sandbox- Epic car accidents, bloody and gory road disasters and extremely addicting gameplay- Stickman style realistic ragdoll physics- Ragdoll dismount game with cool animations- Knock down buildings and collapse massive structures- Cannon shooter with blood, gore, splatter and slow motion explosion effects- Complete challenging puzzles using strategy and tactics- Beat the mission and your achievement will be rated as one, two or three starsDownload now for free, leave a review and rate the game if you liked it!