APMLE - Podiatric Medical Licensing Part 1

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The American Podiatric Medical Licensing Examinations (APMLE) are qualifying tests currently recognized or utilized by legal agencies governing the practice of podiatric medicine in the states, provinces, and federal agencies listed in the Candidate Bulletin.Studying for any large standardized test can be a daunting task, and the APMLE Part 1 is no different. It is considered by many as the most challenging exam of the three-part APMLE podiatry students are required to take.Though taking the APMLE may be stress inducing, you'll be fully prepared come test day by devoting sufficient time to studying.Train for your APMLE Part 1 exam using this app!Features include:• tips to help you study for the exam• hundreds of Part 1 test questions• statistics for every test taken• easy to use interface• completely free to use• free updates• optimized for phones & tabletsDisclaimer:Solaz Dazen is not affiliated with or endorsed by the The American Podiatric Medical Licensing Examinations (APMLE) or the APMLE. Accordingly, APMLE makes no representations regarding the content of Solaz Dazen materials. All organizational and test names are trademarks of their respective owners.

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