Baby Sleep Music

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Baby Sleep Music - Sweet Dreams designed for babies and adults who are having sleep problems, it is a tried-and-tested application featuring comforting sounds in HD Quality and has relaxing effect on newborn gruntingBaby Sleep Sounds: ✔ Pure white noise✔ Aquarium Sound✔ Car Sound✔ Washing machine Sound✔ Bell Sound✔ Sea Sound✔ River Sound✔ Shower Sound✔ Embryo Sound✔ White noise fan sound✔ Night Sound✔ Heartbeat Sound✔ Nature Sound✔ Wind Sound✔ Clock Sound✔ Hair dryer Sound✔ Vacuum cleaner Sound✔ Train Sound✔ Airplane Sound ( white noise )✔ Rain Sound✔ Tap Sound✔ Wiper Sound✔ Tv Sound✔ Lullaby✔ Baby song to sleep✔ Soothing baby soundsApp features:✔ 22 white noise sounds✔ 2 baby lullabies✔ Play on background✔ Baby sleep sounds✔ Infinite playback✔ Timer✔ Volume setting✔ Audio record (You can make your baby sleep with your own voice / calming " shh - shhhh sshh " sounds recorded by parents )✔ Works offlineThis app also used as sshhh - shhhh sshh app and baby sleeper app with voice recording feature . App has a relaxing effect on newborn grunting with many baby song to sleep ,womb sounds , soothing baby sounds.Why Babies Love White Noise?Let's start with looking at it from baby's perspective.They spend their lives in a very noisy womb. Life outside the womb is uncomfortably quiet for baby. White noise sounds like “home” to a baby and your baby sleep in seconds with these noises.Baby sleep music app can also be used by adults suffering with insomnia or sleep disorders.App have relaxing sounds , baby sleep sounds and lullabies.Colic baby, Baby sleeper, Baby sleep sounds, Baby sleep instantbaby sleepbaby sleep soundsbaby sleeping soundsrelaxing soundsbaby shusher