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This app contains the 25 most popular abdominal exercises and workouts, all explained with photos, texts, tips and HD videos. Your own personal trainer Great for both men and women. A professional fitness trainer demonstrates the correct form of every exercise. Training your abs can have the following results; - Get a flatter tummy and just feel fit. - The loss of belly fat. - The loss of weight. - Gaining a stronger core - Develop a sixpack The abdominal exercises and workouts that are discussed in this app are both ideal for home or at the gym. The exercises trigger the following ab muscles: - The middle abs - The side abs - The lower abs While training the side abdominal muscles provides a full six pack and a more complete result, you do not have to start training the side abdominal muscles. The middle abs are initially more important. A small selection of the abdominal exercises that are discussed in this app; - Crunches - Sit ups - Knee raises - Planks - Few exercises with a medicine ball (Swiss ball) Check out our other apps; - Bodybuilding exercises, +120 exercises and workouts ( http://tinyurl.com/mazmxty ) - Bodybuilding exercises PRO, +150 exercises and workouts ( http://tinyurl.com/n5j2qk7 )

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