Alfabeto - Spanish Alphabet Game for Kids & Adults

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Alfabeto en Español - Spanish Alphabet Flashcard Set (Abecedario). If you want to learn Spanish, this Alphabet learning game is for you. You can start to learn with a simple alphabet letter in the front & picture in the back. Click on the sounds button to hear the proper Spanish pronunciation of the word. The game includes basic Spanish words that everyone should learn. The education game also includes writing exercises that are designed for teenagers and adults learning Spanish as a second language. Over free 100 Spanish alphabet and picture word flashcards plus over 400 Spanish handwriting learning activities that can teach kids Spanish as well as adults This Spanish learning app is an indispensable educational tool to help students of all ages. From those just learning basic Spanish to those wanting to learn more advanced Spanish words. ★Language: Spanish ★Free Ad-supported version. ★Age Level: 1-99 ★Title: Alfabeto en Español by Studios

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