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BackTable gives voice to doctors.BackTable gives surgical sub-specialists a way to talk tools, situations, tips, and tricks, with one another, and with those who have a hand in patient care. BackTable is the medical device community online.Procedural physicians are like highly skilled carpenters, but with the health of their patients hanging in the balance pending successful completion of their jobs. What's more, physicians often have to rotate to different job sites throughout a given day or week, but are not allowed to bring their own tools -- they can only choose among what the facility has on hand, forced to practice with the consequences of the choice. BackTable eases this choice for physicians, by providing physician-generated reviews on medical devices, which speak to technique and other ways to achieve optimal outcomes in varied situations.Improving clinical decisions, and advancing patient care, BackTable lets physicians share their experience and expertise about devices relevant to their respective field using their smartphone. Through this network of ideas, BackTable brings the conversation around devices and the patients online, to the physician.- Write your own reviews on over 500 of the top medical devices and counting.- Share your experience by writing reviews and uploading device and procedure photos.- Read reviews from verified physicians in your own specialty.- Request reviews from other physicians to help with your device research.- Discover new devices from other physicians reviews and photos.- Catch up on live tweets relevant to your specialty with the Twitter newsfeed.- Create your own personalized device kit to share with your technologists and other physicians. *Required NPI for login*