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With Abacus browser, you can navigate very fast without a useless components. -- Important full screen videos To offer more speed we disable full-screen video. To see full-screen videos in this browser, you can try to rotate your phone horizontally after you open the video in Abacus. The decision to disable this option for the staff was very difficult but after many tests we noticed that browsing the internet is much lighter and faster. If you want to surf the internet with your smartphone quickly and without useless components, Abacus is the android browser that suits you. Do you want change the colour of your super fast internet surfing? You can change the colour of Abacus browser in Black, Blue, Green and Pink. With Abacus you can browse the web quickly and safely. The team that has designed and continues to work on this browser is constantly updating whats going on in the web and before releasing updates, a lot of tests are done to keep this browser among the most trusted in circulation. INTUITIVE DESIGN - Weve studied the position of the buttons and the design to ensure better mobile management when using Abacus browser to navigate on the interner. MAXIMUM SPEED - Abacus browser is designed to offer the highest speed of browsing in the web. This is possible thanks to a code study to increase the speed of the internet and because it does not have additional components that slow down the download of web pages. (Thats why opening full-screen videos does not have to click on the video icon to zoom in but simply rotate the phone, so the supported websites will automatically show the full screen video in the browser)

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