Face Toner - Face color change instantly

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Face Toner helps you change your face skin color instantly. Beautify your photos or have fun with friend's face tone. Just take a pic or upload it and let face toner detect your face and apply the skin color to it. You can choose from a range of different skin tones. Add more beauty to your face or make it look funny. It will give you dark skin, light skin, tanned skin and many more skin color.Face toner needs you to upload a pic with face in it. And it will apply it's magic to the photo. It's good for all age groups. Face toner has a very simple and attractive interface. In 2-3 clicks you will be able to change your skin color to the one you always wanted. Experiment with your face and share the pics with friends.Face Toner is free of cost. And it is very easy to use photo editing app. Just upload a pic apply the skin tone of your choice and save it. It also gives you option to share it instantly on social media platforms.Changing face complexion has never been easier. Make your face fair or make it dark.