Face Up - The Selfie Game

Ubisoft Entertainment



Facebook is no longer needed to play!Act and guess moods with your friends in this unique Selfie game! Take selfies of funny expressions then send them to your friends!LET YOUR FACE LOOSE!TAKE selfies of funny expressions then send them to your friends!TEAM UP with friends to guess their expressions and win points, see how many you can get!UNWIND with this fun and silly way to express yourself, Face UP gives you countless reasons to goof around!EXPRESS YOURSELF!SHOW OFF your crazy creativity; BECOME a Zombie, an ugly Pirate, or a mad Scientist!YOUR FACE YOUR RULES! Be gorgeous, quirky, energetic, be WTF?! UNLOCK new emojis, stickers and expressions to make your selfies even more epic!USE items and your environment in your selfies! A CRAZY SOCIAL EXPERIENCE!SHARE your selfies on social media, and invite your friends to play too! MAKE FRIENDS and meet new people! PLAY with people from all around the world!The PERFECT ICEBREAKER for parties, awkward encounters, interviews and more! UNLIMITED FUN!PLAY fun and quick games wherever you are!ONLINE or OFFLINE, it doesn't matter, the game will always be accessible! You can even play with those who don't have the game!ENTER special rounds to pump up the challenge! Ready your entourage for ridiculous fun, here comes Face UP!