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+9 additional CAPTCHAs - Official CAPTCHA Pack for Sleep as Android. CAUTION: This only works with latest Sleep as Android BETA, please opt-in for BETAs here: CAPTCHA help you to wake up in the morning by performing a short task to stop the alarm. This pack bring more CAPTCHA to wake up in funny, educative or brutal way: - Random CAPTCHA - get 1-5 random CAPTCHAs out of your favourite selection - Multi CAPTCHA - complete several CAPTCHAs in a row - Spin around - Fun with Flags - recognize flags - Zombie Walk - walk X meters - Let it be light - put your phone to a light source - Mirror Text - read and write mirror flipped wisdom texts - CAPTCHA CAPTCHA - the ultimate CAPTCHA requires you to solve a web-like-CAPTCHA and more to come

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castle cats epic story quests
chuck skate universe
clash of clans
clash royale
clash royale
clash royale
clash royale
coin dozer free prizes
crab war
cut the rope