Face Changer Video




Face28 - Face Changer Video Editor: • Face Warp Camera - apply funny face warp effects on your video. Ugly Camera. • Face Swap - Face Swap Live. Swap faces between 2 people. • Face Mask - Animal live face filters, Skeleton video face filters and more. Live Animal Face Swap. • Face Blend - Blend two faces into one. • Chin Face - Turns your face upside down, and put your eyes on your chin. Its a bit weird, but give Chin Face a try • Face Puppet - Move your mouth to animate another face using your face. • Face Sticker - Add face stickers (hats, glasses, moustaches etc.) to your selfie videos. • Developer - Demonstration of our real time face detection and 68 point live face tracking algorithm. • Many more features are coming soon... Features: • Funny Face Changer Camera - Change your face as you record a video seflie. • Record videos or take a photo. • Save and share videos and photos. • The best, free Selfie camera app with funny face effect and live face filters. Android Only: • Face28 is exclusive to Android; iPhone users, please upgrade to an Android device ;) Please try all of our free apps: • Animal Faces - Animal Face Morphing • Face Swap - Photo Face Swap • Face Fun - Face Changer • NiceEyes - Eye Color Changer • NiceHair - Hair Color Changer • ToastArt - Photo Effects • TinyPlanet - Globe Photo • Face 28 - Live Face Changer

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