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Wardrobe is one of the Furniture used to store clothes and other items that are tailored to their needs. The history of the wardrobe is formed from a long story, beginning in medieval England.Initially, the wardrobe came from a small coffin used to store clothes. The cabinets are kept in the dwellings of the noble families, as are found in many spaces in castles, medieval palaces. At first the wardrobe was a locker mounted on a wall that was used both as a dressing room and storage room for clothes.The room is sometimes used to store other items such as coin, feather and spice jewelry and other activities such as hair and dress making often take place in the clothes room. Over time, the lockers turned into a self-contained modern wardrobe with an attractive shelf and hanging space.During the nineteenth century wardrobes began to take on modern shapes with added space to hang clothes on each side. Not to be missed, a mirror is attached as a usability enhancer to the ornate.Now many cabinets are made of mahogany wood but with satinwood a refined cabinet making process becomes easier. Famous furniture makers like Thomas Chippendale have beautiful designs carved on wooden chunks and others like Thomas Sheraton and George Hepplewhite use artistically fine wood for a great effect.With the development of technology, and easy access between countries, cabinets can now be found in various forms and functions and beauty of high value.Let's quickly find your favorite closet reference using this App.Features- Can be used without network (offline)- Lightweight App- Fast picture load- Share images with your friends- Super quick customization with clicks.- Support and optimized for all screen and device resolutions, including tablets.- And many more.Our app is free, fast and offers the best collection of popular, free and high resolution.What are you waiting for? Get your cool pictures on your Android mobile device now, for free! You can use this image as a reference for your knowledge.