Incredible Monster Hero Secret Stealth Missions

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You were scientist in secret US army laboratory. You prepared secret and futuristic weapons for army to help your country and eliminate terrorists from the face of the earth. Your aim was to make an invention that gives police man and army soldiers a futuristic powers so that they can eliminate peace destroyers. But there was an accident in your lab and you were exposed to gamma rays which results in change of your DNA. Now you can become the Incredible monster. After discharged from the hospital US president personally contacted you to become the top secret agent with mutant powers of incredible monster. Its time to say yes or no this secret agent job. This is you chance to become a true Incredible Monster Legend Hero & save citizens from Evil Robots & Villains. Download now and play this amazing monster superhero secret stealth mission game and enjoy the simulation of incredible monster hero with secret stealth missions. Roam freely in superhero open world and perform beautiful animated actions of incredible bulk in this monster city battle. Make your superhero the best hero of the city by saving innocent citizens from evil robots and also from gangsters and drug dealers. Be a monster hero and play secret stealth missions to fight against evil and become a legend hero or city hero. Prepare for epic action fighting with your opponents. Act as the rescuer of the people and become the most spirited and valiant hero. Show off your astounding shooting super power skills in this monster hero fight and clasp the criminals, gangsters and drug dealers. Big man hunk aka monster hero is ready to save the city from the gangsters and mafia lords. An intelligence agency reported a big master plan of all the gangster in the city. They are planing to rob a atomic weapons and destroy the whole city. This must be stopped before anything bad happens. You are a real super hero with stealth identity. Stealthy way is the best way to capture these criminals. Some small gangs shot sheriff and trying to distract police from the actual planing. This whole planning is done by joker clown and no human can stop this madness. Incredible monster is the one who can stop this joker gangster. Its time to control this huge incredible monster character and jump sky high in the sky. Fight with fist and power shots of monster hero. Having a super muscular body and with strange mutant powers you are above the humanity. Go ahead and save the earth in these last day on earth survival. Become a New York Super Hero by rescuing innocent people from this gangster madness.Incredible Monster Hero Secret Stealth Missions Features:• Amazing story mode with fight action as monster hero.• Real feel of monster transformation• Ultimate final city battle against super villains in incredible superhero fight game.• Awesome 3D city to explore as big man fighting.• Surprise attack and perfect killing of enemies• Amazing action game in which fight against the thugs and criminals.• Various escape missions with superhero battle