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Are you looking for an alternative to enter the items of your food stall, garage sale or any other kind of sales booth? This cash register offers the solution Usually, big sales deals lack the space and power supply to plug in a great cash register. However, sales people can make use of a technology of which everybody disposes anyway: use the cash register app and turn your smart phone into a cash register At the moment, you receive our application as a 1-place solution: all items are being entered on your user -respectively cashier- account. Look forward to the upcoming updates: were working on an option that lets several cashiers enter the items at the same time. Then, this application will clearly facilitate an attribution of entered items to the respective cashier and thus facilitates your account at closing time. Currently, you can already use the following highlights of this proceeding application for free: + automatically summing up of the entered items: you save a lot of time while accounting at closing time or shift changeover + speed and assortment of goods at sellers option: per each sheet, 20 keys can be allocated individually so that the respective goods and their exact price can be booked with just one single click. Having more than 20 goods, you can individually arrange them on several single sheets saving 20 goods per sheet. + no need of any knowledge of programming: the buttons and their allocation can be varied in a clearly-arranged chart + the sold goods and the number of items can easily be exported. You can already check in the evening which items were bestsellers of the day and which items do not have to be reordered right away. + a better overview, especially for new employees: various colours (for example for food and drinks) offer a better usability + facts and figures: using this application, you receive a fast survey of the total revenue and especially its attribution to respective products It has never been easier to receive a survey of the daily successes for self-employees. Please notice that this application is in process of development and is an offer free of charge. It practically offers all functions of a cash register. However, we cannot guarantee a legally compliant account at the moment since this would require a full permission of tax authorities. The cash register application is a tool which offers a survey and helps accounting- it cannot replace the full legal documentation though. Please mind your tax computation and adhere to deadlines on your own responsibility. The programmer of „cash register for free“assumes no liability.
 Before really testing the application, have a look at the applications features and test the best allocation of the buttons. If youre really enthusiastic about our application, we are looking forward to an evaluation which provides an orientation for other users. If you have suggestions for improvement or remark anything that does not work properly yet, we are looking forward to your feedback being addressed to: Let us know what does not answer your wishes yet so that we can identify the room for improvement and put it into practice.

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