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The professional fitness trainer «FitProSport» includes: - More than 150 simple and effective exercises for men and women - Description and animation for each exercise - Video for some exercises (the list of exercises is being enlarged) - Opportunity to add as many exercises of your own as you wish - Workout plans for men and women to perform the exercises at home or at a gym - Opportunity to add as many workout plans of your own as you wish - Opportunity to add the results of the exercise performed - Opportunity to add the results of measurement of your body - Calendar of workouts - Player of workout sessions - Opportunity to work with supersets and circuit workout sessions - Data synchronization - User support - Regular application update - Simple and user-friendly interface - Material Design - Without subscription The fitness tracker for the gym and home the exercises presented: - With your body weight (pull up bars, parallel bars, push ups, with a fitball, burpees, etc.) - With dumbbells and barbells - On the exercise machines - With TRX - Swimming Always with you, «FitProSport» team

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