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Food Dictionary is your encyclopedia of food Items, ingredients, glossary, photos and more. Food Dictionary contains information about food and food ingredients. The Dictionary is divided into categories like Vegetables, fruits, spices, cereals, meat, greens, etc. Each category lists the related food items. These entries give a brief overview of the item and provides links to explore further. The App contains a useful search feature where you can search for entries across all categories.Nutrition Information added. *** Food Dictionary now contains more than 2000 + entries, spread across 24 categories*** Food Categories include Breads, Buns, Cereals, Cheese, Condiments, Dairy Products, Dips, Fish Sauces, Fruits, greens, Ingredients, Kitchen ware, Meat & Meat Products, Nuts, Oils, Root Vegetables, Sauces, Sausages, Sea Food, Spices, Vegetables, Nutrition, Food Additives & Cooking Terms / Glossary.

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