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At times it's not possible and perhaps logical to share the deep emotions with other people because of being interpreted wrongly or judged at all by someone. And because of that concern we have given a platform where you can not only confess anonymously but make an audio confession as well and feel lighter.Candid offers an opportunity to freely express your innermost deep feelings, stir emotions, dark thoughts, fantasies preserved with all the sensitiveness around them via text and audio mode of expression without being disclosed.Family issues, Jobless people, Negative thinkers, Broken relationship, Anger management etc can express their emotion by being anonymous.Important features :--) Login easily via Facebook and Gmail and remain anonymous by having complete autonomy-) Use a desired Avatar name and express without any Apprehension and Judgement. -) Express your Inner self by making anonymous Text and Audio confession.-) Make a confession by using following Hash tags and also creating new ones. Family, Health, Social, Work, Job etc.-) Select from different range of feelings which best suit you at current moment. Sexy, Flirty, Sick, Angry, Loved etc.-) Private- Chat :- Have a private one on one conversation with people around the globe.-) Get to know people from your contacts by syncing your number and get latest anonymous confessions from them.-) Get fast reply, likes and comments on your anonymous posts from your friends and others.