BLAZE! Love To The Top|BL Game

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BLAZE! Love To The Top lets you follow the steamy dallandrew of these dreamboats and help them find a good ending to their love story! You're the one to decide how their destiny will unfold. Who will be your soulmate? <3Check out when their relationship will turn from platonic to seme and uke!? BLAZE! Love To The Top lets YOU be the protagonist! Read the story and aim for the best ending. Or even the bad ending?! BLAZE! Love To The Top sure is a love adventure game you'll go on a playing spree for hours!The story changes according to your decisions. Make the right choices and raise your BF's affection to unlock hot CGs and scenarios! BLAZE! Love To The Top is on Fire! Join our Facebook for more!FOLLOW US :) is BLAZE! Love To The Top?It should have been a regular part-time job in a production company, but as per the president's request, you end up becoming a member of the idol unit BLAZE!?However, it's gonna be hard to convince the other members of your skills... ""This is gonna be your baptism of fire!""... But what does that mean exactly!?Step onto the stage together with a bossy, tsundere guy, a deviant idol with a double personality and a mysterious senior!How do I PLAY?-Install for free-Free basic play-You can read 5 passionate stories for FREE EVERY DAY!-Get steamy CGS?<3 LIT!!WE RECOMMEND BLAZE! Love To The Top IF YOU…-If you love / like otome games, dating sims, romance games or romance apps.-If you love / like romance novels, visual novels, online novels, light novels, harlequin, romance dramas, romance comics, romance manga, or shoujo manga (comic books).-If you love / like romantic dating sims or stimulating dating sims, dating sims.-If you love / like visual novels with sweet romance plots / stories or stimulating plots / stories.-If you are looking for free fun and enjoyable popular otome games, f2p.-If you love / like games with characters such as hot guys, handsome guys, perfect man, love of your dream, princes, rich man, celebrities, aristocrats, boyfriend, lover, husband and butler.-If you are looking for games with awesome CG, art and graphics.-If you love / like to have handsome, good looking BF / lover to propose to you or if you're looking for someone perfect to marry, someone perfect for you.-If you love / like boys love, BL and yaoi contents.-If you love / like comics, manga, anime, or BL.-Other keywords that contain secret, fate, forbidden, girls, Japan, English, seduce, seduction, adult, love, sweet, happy, choice, free, fun, thrilling, heart, fall in love, cool, CGS, story, episode, seme, uke, bara, novel, images, illustration, simulation, game, plot, Abracadabra, otomedou, otomedo, app, passion, platonic, best, great, awesome, wonderful, mystery, mysterious, beautiful, attitude, series, decision, affection, charm, adventure, binge, destiny, couples, good, audience, scenario, mission, heirPlease note that BLAZE! Love To The Top is free to play, but you can purchase in-game items with real money. If you want to limit the ability to make in-app purchases, you may create a PIN in the Settings menu from within the Google Play Store. Warning:-Uninstalling the app or clearing the cache will reset player data.Collection and use of your data are subject to the Privacy Policy available at support: