With this application, you are able to view AR Greeting Cards, AR product presentation, AR business card, etc. When you scan QR or images with the camera, an AR content (3D, Video) will appear on the display depends on the QR or the images you have scanned. ■Upload to Twitter or Facebook You can take a picture of the shown AR, and upload it to Twitter or Facebook. ■Collect AR Contents It is possible to collect AR contents. You will be able to get a special AR content which is not distributed normally, when you complete collecting certain AR contents. ■Enable to Recognize QR Code If you click the jump button after viewing an AR content, the browser will be activated and open a web site whose URL is indicated by QR code. ■Detect The Time and Location There are certain AR contents which change under the influence of the GPS data or the time and location. There are certain AR contents which are available at a certain time and location. 【Supported Devices】 Android 4.4 or over For more details about supported devices, please see the url below. *Table devices are not supported. 【FAQ】 If you have any troubles with using ARAPPLI, please see the link below for frequently asked questions. Powered by CRIWARE.CRIWARE is a trademark of CRI Middleware Co., Ltd.

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