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Anime X Wallpaper app is specially designed for Anime Lovers. Anime X Contains over 1 Million Wallpapers & 737, Anime to browse Wallpapers from.- No need to search app will do everything for you.- Smallest app size only ~3mb- HD Anime Wallpapers- Include almost every awesome Anime.- Over 1 Million Anime Wallpapers- Newest Wallpaper Section Updated every minute- Almost Every Anime Supported- Character List for all anime.- Browse Wallpaper by Character specifically.-Set all your favorite Wallpapers on Lock Screen- Immersive UI for better ExperienceThe Unique type of Anime Wallpaper to personalize your phone.All wallpapers are in Full HD 1920x1080 above Resolution.Some of Popular Anime Wallpapers-* Naruto * One Piece* Dragon Ball Super* Dragon Ball Z* Hunter x Hunter* Bleach* Tokyo Ghoul* One Punch Man* Attack On Titan* Death Note* Code Geass* Soul Eater* Fairy Tail* Pokemon* Boku no hero academia* Darker than black* Borutoand more...Some of the Popular Characters* Itachi Uchiha* Sasuke Uchiha* Naruto* Madara Uchiha* Akatsuki * Ultra Instinct Goku* Jiren the grey* Toppo God of Destruction* Kefla* Gear 4th Luffy - Snake Man* Gear 4th Luffy- Tank Man* Rorona Zoro* Katakuri* Kaido the king of beastand more.....

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