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GUNNER GRAND WAR : CRITICAL FPS STRIKE MISSIONRealistic FPS gunner shooting game. Download now for freeGet ready to experience the best gunner FPS game based in an immersive 3D environment. This grand gunner war will allow you to be the protagonist in order to face the enemy soldiers. With plenty of weapons to choose from & various missions to complete this first person shooter game will keep you hooked to your phone for hours. Face the enemy in their own stronghold & successfully complete your mission to emerge as a true war hero. As a soldier it is your duty to defend your country from all sorts of threats including enemy army soldiers & gangsters. A secret report has revealed that enemy has a large number of commandos, soldiers, snipers & artillery at their stronghold right at the outskirts of the city. According to our information the enemy is planning a strike to get hold of our city. Which means we need to devise a counter plan on emergency basis. Army has selected you for this special operations mission. You'll be dropped in the enemy's base by an aircraft. You are required to land in the stronghold by a parachute and bring back all the information you get your hands on. The stronghold is full of enemy army soldiers & commando snipers which means you'll have to fight for your survival. Survive the attack & successfully complete your duty like a true hero. Military is providing you with high tech modern weapons & guns for this mission. You are going to need them as you'll be performing a mission in enemy's frontier. Enemy's frontier is the frontline for this time. It's about time you prove that you are the best gunner army have, so lock and load your modern weapons & guns & embark on an action filled adventure of a lifetime!